San Francisco

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San Francisco
was originally named Yerba Buean 'Good Herb'. The Bay was called San Francisco Bay (1769) to honor the Franciscan Fathers who allegedly traveled north from Mexico to establish a string of Missions in California.
I've heard San Francisco is a place where the mayor is so cool he auctions off his "old" Brioni suits once a year for charity, and where young punks with more holes in their body than a dartboard can still land jobs that cut the mustard. It's a city of neighborhoods - a dozen mini-cultures, all with their own ways and means. Restaurants rule the social scene, providing remarkable diversity for the taste buds, though there's also no lack of bookstores, bars, music hot spots, not to mention the most spectacular urban views in the country. San Francisco is a small but stylish metropolis with a titillating hum.
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) opened 1995. The University of San Francisco was founded in 1855 and was one of the first established on America's westcoast. It's Law School has an excellent academic reputation and at the Presidio of San Francisco the Internetarchiv with 30 billion websites (as at 2004) is located.
Alcatraz Island - From the mid 1930's until the mid 1960's, Alcatraz was America's premier maximum-security prison, the inmates called it 'the Rock' home. It was the final stop for the nation's most incorrigible inmates. Today, Alcatraz is a place of San Francisco's most prominent landmarks and tourist attractions.

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updated January 17, 2020