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C.O.M. what's this ?

C -
O -
M -
Ministries - a charitable association.

Peter Ustinov once said: "I cannot pledge allegiance to the flag, before I know who is holding it up",
so let me explain who is holding up a flag on here:

Keith Greenwood

Keith Greenwood, as a founder is the one who holds up the flag since more than 25 years now - together with his remarkable wife Helen - in sharing his story of how God took a simple man and transformed him into a man who wants to inspire others with God's vision and more.

That's why I dedicate this page to him, to Helen, and to the team of C.O.M.

It started all out with Keith and Helen going on vacation to India. Deeply impressed by the wide-ranging state of poverty and illiteracy in Indian tribes, the couple spontaneously then dicided to offer help, and founded the above organisation in 1984, registered in Australia and in India now operating in several of the Indian states.
Having the great gift to communicate with enthusiasm, Keith started out to work with Gods spirit talking to people, and continuing also the arising administrational work, fighting for a just cause by asking for donations, also travelling to India at least three times a year to permanently watch over his various educational projects, and how the money is spent.

Since 1984 projects of C.O.M.:
Planting over 5.000 churches,
sponsoring more than 1.200 homeless children,
operating a number of other projects,
and running feeding programs in the slums of Mumbai - worlds largest slums !

COM is incorporated as a mission association and support is raised through churches, business and individual sponsors.
All donations are used for the purpose for which they are given.
No administration costs are deducted from sponsorship funds.

C.O.M Australia Director Keith Greenwood -
with one child on his first visit to India in 1986 -
der erste Besuch in Indien 1986 -
con un bambino durante la sua prima vista all'India nel 1986


... and today - und heute - ed oggi:
By 2010 more than 1.200 children in various children's home -
Bis 2010 mehr als 1.200 Kinder in div. Kinderheimen -
Nel 2010, 1200 bambini in istituti

C.O.M visits Mother Teresa in 1994 ....

Some of Liz's sponsored 30 children in a COM home:

Mongu Golari/m   Narasingh Gouda/m  Amar Godaba/m   Anil Khilo/m   Bobi Gadba/m   Namita Khosla/m  Bhubansa Khosla/m   Pintu Khora/m  Pabitra Khora/m   Pinki Khora/f  Anju Suna/f  

Picture taken in June 2011  

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