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Presious memories leave their marks
Hello Happiness - Bonjour Tristesse...

1956 and today...

"Dr. Wührer's Haus Gastein"
In 1956 also home for a young governess of the owners two children,
when now and then also travelling to Bad Gastein with them,
then staying at the Wührer's Parkhotel Bellevue.
Remaining touching fornative moments. 
today, after almost 60 years
this remarkable change -
now apartments for sale
price 10.000 Euro/m2
(the most exclusive in Salzburg!)


How to get there -

with your visit YOU may bring it up to life again!

Nicholas Church, Bad Gastein

Built in 1389 on the Badberg
(from the Gastein Chronicle of 1540),
mentioned in documents in 1412 (Martin. Sbg. Archive Reports)
what already prooves the beginning importance of this bath.

"This is characteristic for spreading devotion for St. Nicholas especially along the Gastein,and in 1350,that his name became very popular,since the use of a Holy name as first names in the Salzburg mountain countries
was not usual at all."(Klein. The peasants personal names of the Pongau around 1350.)

The restoration of the frescoes was initiated by the Rotary Club Bad Gastein on during celebrating the occasion of 600 years in 1989 and qlso funded as a large part for a long term project. The total amount of ATS 3 million was applied to one-third by the Rotary Club Bad Gastein.

Architects / Constructors in Bad Gastein

Angelo Conini, 1839-1916 Artegna/Friaul, most important architect for Bad Gastein: Hotel de l’Europ, Kaiserhof, remodeling Hotel Straubinger.
Franz Xaver Franzmair, 1901-1988 Timelkam & Salzburg,hotelier & constructor, hotel plants, Felsenbad, freeman (Ehrenbürger) of Bad Gastein
Gerhard Garstenauer, 1925/Fusch, Felsenbad, Kongresszentrum, Sportgastein
Karl Huber, 1907-1978/Salzburg
Josef Weissicken, 1837-1918/Salzburg  

About this health-resort

It's reputation as an international resort town owes its unique Radon - thermal springs. The water is about five hundred years old and comming from the 18 tunnel source it passes 5 million liters of termal water with a temperature of 44-47 ° C per day.
As a special feature the spa water is conducted ed to all majorand spa hotels.
Above all, baths are provided to sspa guests, thermal underwater therapy, thermal water, mud packs and mouth showers also weight-loss programs as well as the Gastein healing cave and the Thermal Bad Gastein Vapor Bath.

Gold mining
in Gastein goes back to the time of Taurisci. In 1342 there was ordered a mine regulation by law but the gold mining finally ended in 15th century . Temporary 650 kg gold and 2.000-2.500 kg silver were mined.
The last mining shaft named Passelstollen was opened at the beginning of WW II. It was extended to a healing cave after ending the gold mining industry in 1951.
High humidity of 95 °, hyperthermia 37.5 to 40.5 ° C, and a mild massage of the cells by the noble gas radon help create significant heaaling success. A dedicated team of doctors is available and a cave train takes guests 2.5 km inside the mountain.

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