My life never was or is dull, therefore I'm never found on facebook or other so called social networks. Being still a child at heart, behaving like a Tomboy now and then, on some occasions I'm capable in lightening a flame by only rubbing stones - but this is a different story...   Mein Leben kennt keine Langeweile, kostbare Zeit in sog. sozialen Netzwerken zu verbringen scheint mir daher nur vergeudet. Gelingt es mir dann aus Steinen ein Feuer zu entfachen, lautet meine Devise stets „Wir haben nur, was wir nicht halten“. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte...   La mia vita non è mai monotona pertanto raramente mi troverete in una chat! Inoltre sono rimasta in fondo una bambina e dicono che sarei perfettamente capace di accendere un fuoco sfregando delle pietre – ma questa è una storia diversa…  

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so my Charity Auctions are dedicated to organisations
as Caritas, Rotes Kreuz, Volkshilfe, Don Bosco
Licht ins Dunkel, and others - kindly see my page "Charity"
in donating for the poor, sick, disabled, and abused.
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