Hoover Dam

USA - Black Canyon
(near Las Vegas/Nevada)

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- HOOVER DAM was without precedent, the greatest dam of its day, and still is a world-renowned structure.
- Located in Black Canyon near Las Vegas/Nevada, the dam is a National Historic Landmark,
- National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark,
- and one of America's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders.
- In 1999, it was named the number five construction achievement of the 20th century.
- Rising more than 700 feet above the raging waters of the Colorado River, it was called one of the greatest engineering works in history.
- Hoover Dam, built during the Great Depression, drew men desperate for work to a remote and rugged canyon near Las Vegas. - There they struggled against brutal heat, choking dust and perilous heights to build a colossus of concrete that brought electricity and water to millions, transforming the American Southwest.

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