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updated November 18, 018

Arizona -
Day or night, delightful weather is yours to enjoy. Bring along your bathing suit and make plans to bask in the Arizona sun. Throw in a sweater or jacket for the occasional cool evening and say "Hello" to Arizona.

PHOENIX - Over 300 days of sunshine each year ! - An mehr als 300 Tagen im Jahr scheint hier die Sonne - Oltre 300 giorni di sole ogni anno!

Phoenix has garnered well-earned praise as one of the world's top five golf destinations. As the sixth-largest city in the United States with nearly 1.3 million residents, Phoenix offers a multitude of cultural and recreational activities.
Phoenix gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy countless activities ranging from outstanding museums, galleries, performing arts, fine dining, horseback riding and cowboy shoot-outs. The climate makes outdoor activities such as desert jeep tours, hot-air ballooning, and water recreation a way of life.

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Phoenix - Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo - in a short distance from Phoenix - at 455 North Galvin Parkway5 North Galvin Parkway.
Arizona is lucky to have the world's most spectacular wildlife including rattlesnakes, gila monsters, black-footed ferrets, thick-billed parrots, and bighorn sheep.
Wander along the Arizona Trail, Rainforest Complex, Discovery Trail - especially for children, or the Africa Trail.



Glendale has been one of the fastest-growing cities in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States over the past three decades. It is known for its many antique shops, also for its live dinner theatre.

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Scottsdale does many things well, and shopping is at the top of the list. The city has it all - fine art galleries, great antique shops, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and spacious malls. When true inspiration strikes, head to the Southwest's largest shopping destination, Scottsdale Fashion Square. With more that 225 shops, boutiques, galleries, and department stores, you'll can shop until you drop - then shop some more.

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White Tank Mountains Park

White Tank Mountains Park - Litchfield Park, AZ.
This Park lies to the west of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Reach the park by driving 15 miles west on Olive Ave from Glendale through farmland, orchards and open spaces needed for Luke Airforce Base. The park entrance is at the end of Olive Avenue. This is the largest of the Maricopa County parks occupying nearly a full 6 mi. x 6 mi. section. Park elevation ranges from 420 m up to 1200 m. There are four main trails up into the mountains. From the park entrance at the south they are Goat Canyon, Waterfall Canyon, Mesquite Canyon, and Ford Canyon.


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