Road to Mexico

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.. godforsaken road


Actually we were almost turning around after we left the CORONADO NATIONAL MEMORIAL/Arizona but then, seized with a thirst for adventure, we kept driving up the mountains. After each bend we were hoping this road would become better, but instead it was getting worse and there was no traffic at all, and we were left alone for hours on this godforsaken road. Only once a truck came driving down the hill and almost brushed against us as he passed.
And then it even began to snow - imagine this in October in Arizona - and then of course the road's condition became worse and worse. Looking back awfully worried, we noticed that somehow the U.S. Border Patrol had closed up driving behind us, which made us feel a little more secure.
But then, having almost reached the top of the mountain, it happened: First we couldn't see a thing anymore, then our car came almost so close to the precipice and then it finally got stuck in the mud and slush. No more moving back or forth !
We waited a while, had a little chat with the Border Patrol and then tried once more to get this car moving. Yes, and suddenly it did obey and off we went. But we still were with lots of fear that the car might breake out again, not having winter tyres. At the end we finally could make it all the way up to the peak. Up there we really were rewarded with this fantastic view over the mountains and way off into Mexico. To think that this road could become better now when going down, was entirely wrong. It was not like this at all ! Take a look at the pictures and enjoy (like I did myself, because I'm home and safe now ...|o|).
"God promised a safe landing, but not a calm trip" (English proverb).

Was the road going down becoming any better ? - Aber die Talfahrt war auch nicht besser ! - Ma a valle c’è ancora dell’altro ...

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