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updated January 21, 2018

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Ney York City "Big Apple" & Metropolis

"If I can make it there,
I'm gonna make it everywhere ...

In this city I got aware about the ups and downs of life, here I was draged down into the depths, here I changed from being a real innocent to an adult. But I made it !

Today I now and then doubt this is true
then I better say a prayer asking for mercy and forgiveness giving the impression of arrogance...
- but this is a different story....

L i z

The term "The Big Apple" was coined by touring jazz musicians of the 1930's who used the slang expression "apple" for any town or city. Therefore, to play New York City is to play the big time - The Big Apple.
There are more Irish in New York City than in Dublin, Ireland; more Italians in New York City than in Rome, Italy; and more Jews in New York City than in Tel Aviv, Israel.  

Statue of Liberty

Unpacking the Head of the Statue of Liberty
delivered June 17, 1885

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Located in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty was a gift of international friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is one of the most universal symbols of political freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886 and was designeted a National Monument on October 15, 1924. The Statue was extensively restored in time for her spectacular centennial on July 4, 1986.

New York City - View, five days after the disaster - Vom Flughafen aus, noch immer Rauchschwaden, und das fünf Tage nach der Katastrophe - Panorama, cinque giorni dopo il disastro

This one-meter resolution satellite image above of Manhattan, New York, was collected at 11:43 a.m. EDT on Sept. 12, 2001 by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite. The image shows an area of white and gray-colored dust and smoke at the location where the 1,350-foot towers of the World Trade Center once stood. Since all airplanes were grounded over the U.S. after the attack, IKONOS was the only commercial high-resolution camera that could take an overhead image at the time.

Receiving this friends picture makes me asure her: I will never forget ! Macabre enough, I was in Rome's Ancient Catacombs when the disaster happened ... Eine Freundin schickte mir dieses Bild und auch ich werde die Katastrophe niemals vergessen, war ich doch genau zu dem Zeitpunkt - wie makaber - in Rom, in den Katakomben - La cartolina ricevuta da questa amica mi sprona a rassicurarla: Non dimenticheṛ mai! Macabro che sia, al momento del disastro mi trovavo nelle catacombe antiche di Roma…

I was trained as a stewardess at Grace Down's Air Career School on Fifth Ave., New York City. Of course I had to do my exams in English, what was not easy for me in a foreign language, especially when it came to pilote an airplane in case of an emergency ...  

In the neighbourhood of the school is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Built by Gerge N. Cohen, planned by Frank Lloyd Wright (*1867 - +Phoenix/AZ 1959) who broke away from the dicates of modern architectural movements and represented the most poetically linked of all his works.

"Here is the ideal I propose for the architecture of the machine age, for how an ideal American architecture should develop in the image of trees."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

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Maybe you are able to help me find dear friends of mine as shown below:

Marlies Berger (on the right), from Germany
1958 Stewardess with me in NY  

Georgie Gregersen (or Magnussen?) - here shown with her Volkswagen
or Prof. Gregersen (Gregerson, Magnussen?) - Columbia University, NY
or their son Peter

picture taken 1956 when living in New Jersey, Chestnut Street
as shown below
Georgie was a classmate of my mother Wilfriede Martin-d'Albert
born 1915 ?  

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