Upper Ausria

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1945 - 2015

Mauthausen was established in 1938 in Upper Austria. Up until 1942 the camp was primarily a camp and killing center for "undesirable political elements" in Germany, as well a liquidation center for opposition elements in occupied countries.
In 1942 the decision was made to expand military industry in the camp. From the fall of 1943, most of the prisoners were engaged in the construction of subterranean tunnels to house factories for rocket assembly and production of plane parts. The camp was not an "extermination" camp as defined by the Nazis, but rather a camp where prisoners were worked to death. The camp was liberated on May 8, 1945, by General Patton's troops. About 200,000 prisoners are estimated to have passed through the camp of which 119,000 died, including about 38,000 Jews.

Mauthausen - "Steinbruch" mit Stiege - Wegen wildem Grünbewuchs ist das Grauen dieses Ortes fast nicht mehr erkennbar - Quarry with the steps - wild growing grass and bushes almost preventing the view and horror of that place - "Cava" con le scale, erbacce che crescono e cespugli che coprono quasi la vista e l'orrore del luogo

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Especially friends from the US keep asking me about this man.
I was not even born yet when all the rumor about him started, and from the moment I was on this world, my (foresighted?) family always had the opportunity to very well protect us children during all the coming frightfull years.
But such protection couldn't last a life time, and soon the time came when my own part of thinking about all this started.
I don't like talking about it.

H. Birthplace, Braunau - Geburtshaus Hitlers - Il luogo di nascita di Hitler

Memorial in Braunau - - Il memoriale

I recall ...

I recall vociferous conversations about minorities when the socalled high society was invited in my parental home, but at that time well-mannered children had to behave and keep their mouth shut. It could be though, that this was the time when it began to take roots in me to become different, never to become a socialite pulling someone to pieces, but instead always to be on the side of the weak. Even if frequently I'm told this is not the right attitude to become a society lady, that's me - can't help it, and a soulmate will always make an attempt to understand ...

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