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The Isle Of Gods

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Cyprus - where Aphrodite once emerged from the sea  

Cyprus belongs to the oldest cultures on this earth.
In 1200 BC the Greek came, followed by the Phoenitians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians and finally the Romans in 58 BC.
In 395 AD Cyprus joined the Byzantine empire, and in 1191 AD Richard the Lionheart captured the Island. 1489 AD Venice established its power over Cyprus, later in 1570 AD it was Turkey. 1878 Greatbritain occupied the Island and then became a British crown colony in 1925. Since the 19th century the Greek Cypriots called for integration with Greece. This was ment against Turkey as well as the British power. 1959 the conflict was solved and Cyprus became independent.
Paphos is known for its famous archaeological monuments like the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Kings Graves or famous mosaik findings that show the life of the old Greek population.
Sportive visitors find Golf, Tennis, and various Watersports.

Liz and Paphos - Liz e Paphos

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