Abruzzo, Provinz Chieti

u0dated January 21, 2018

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Castello Aragonese, 14481452

Basilica St. Thomas, Crib - Krippe

During ancient times the Frentani lived here, later on the town belonged to the Roman Empire. Extensions and fortifications during the medieval period and the Renaissance followed. The old part of Ortona is divided into two district areas: Terravecchia (Roman and medieval part) and Terranuova (district built after 1415 during the Renaissance). The harbor today is situated apart from the old one, once located behind the fortress in an area already submerged.
Basilica St. Thomas, Piazza San Tommaso -
The Relics of St. Thomas were brought to the Greek island Chios in 1218 first, then to Ortona where they are kept since in a golden cupper urn in the Basilica St. Thomas. Worth seing is also an old 'oriental' crib or the museum next door, opened in 2003, where especially the religious history of Ortona can be seen: paintings, sculptures, pieces of gold jewellery, wallpaintings, or furniture used in the cathedral or other churches of the city, made of wood. Also worth mentioning in the silver compartement is the Christ almighty forged by Filippo del Giudice from Naples in 1756.
Get to know all about the musician Francesco Paolo Tosti (9.4.1846-2.12.1916) at the Museo Musicale d'Abruzzo dell'Istituto Nazionale Tostiano.

And when there is time:
do not miss a drive by car to the nearby Guardiagrele it really is worth seeing !


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