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After a long time of mourning being widowed, but still in a sentimental mood, I started designing this website with my heart full of joy again, and the steady encouragment of my children.

Born and grown up in Salzburg/Austria, my upbringing was sheltered and life always sourrounded by music (see my grandparents below). After the attendance of the gymnasium and graduating as a nursery-school teacher, I had to leave for the U.S.A. and there as an US-airline stewardess, my life became adventurous, meeting interesting people but others as well.
If you want to know more about it, what perhaps makes me differ from others philosophy of life, read more here.

I've seen and been to many places, but gained also dramatic experience because my mothers strange decision suddenly sending me off to the US to her girlfriend when I was much to young. Being not of age then I had to obey my parents, this also meant leaving my first love, what already had left its marks on me. But at that time nobody could realize what consequences this separation would bring into my life later on. Looking back today, only now I know that so many life's decision that followed, were made with reference to this heartbraking event - and still are.

So my life's motto became that we only have what we do not hold, but meanwhile my wounds have turned into wisdom, and my children and a handful but honest friends as well, always are of great help.
I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Leonardo da Vinci, an all-rounder but also an animal lover (15.04.1452-02.05.1519), read his words: "A time will come when a crime against an animal will be pursued in the same way as a crime against a human being."
Elisabetta Canori Mora, (21.11.1774 - 05.02.1825), you'll find her tomb in the left chapel (by Bernini) of the church San Carlino in Rome. Her self-sacrifice and gentleness in loving her husband, forgiving his humiliation again and again and in spite of everything being faithful until death, was admirable. Tragedy: She had to die first, only then it became conceivable to him what he lost !

It was Plato who said: "Musical education is of utmost importance, because rhythm and harmony enter forcefully into the core of the soul", so I have a passion for music, but also: fine arts, interior design, literature, poetry, aphorisms. Taking pictures with the digital camera, surfing the Internet, webpage-design, writing, collecting antiques and other beautiful things, working on old nunnery embroideries, and there's always a thurst for knowledge about other cultures, especially when travelling.

tudying languages, listening to music, reading, browsing eBay, gardening, cooking, establishing a comfortable home, playing the piano (miserable), if watching TV then it's ORF, arte, CNN, BBC, euroNews, TV5 or RAI1. I'm practising various sports but I'm never a fanatic in: sailing, golf, ping-pong, riding the bike, go hiking,Nordic Walking, tennis or horseback riding (both miserable), or visiting my rowing club if there is still spare time. In winter you'll see me cross-country-skiing or when holding my hand I may even go ice skating.
Also: I will always stay a child at heart, quite often using my house as a dance floor or being capable in lightening a flame by rubbing stones - but this is a different story ...
Life with me never is dull,
so you never find me on face book and rarely on a chat program - unless you wish for it !

August 2000

Gerhard Neugebauer (*Prag +Oberalm/Salzburg)
Wilfriede Martin-d'Albert (*Montreux +Vienna)

Where I grew up ...

"Villa Moy"

heute "Casa Austria"
Anif, im Besitz von
Karl Habsburg  
"Villa Moy"
me on the balcony -
with friends  
Ernst-Grein-Straße 16  
me on the balcony -
below this balcony
an US tank got stuck  


Eugen d'Albert (composer, pianist, conductor) and Friederike Jauner (pianist) - maternal
Otto Neugebauer (businessman) and Grete Miller (industrialist's daughter) - paternal
Step-grandparents: Dr. Wolf Freiherr von Kap-herr (and Friederike Jauner, pianist)

Eugen d'Albert

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Memorial "Villa Teresa" - in German only


Beloved Granny

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...more to come
updated March 8, 2029


Jeanne Baptiste Genevieve d'Albert,
Comtesse de Verrue
(Pierre Mignard, 1610-1696)

Charles Honore d'Albert
Duc de Chevreuse, Pair de France
(Pierre Mignard (1610-1695)

Olga Blumé
Who is this?

Olga Blum was the mother of my grandmother, and Blumé was her stage name. I regret no one in my family is alive anymore to answer questions I have about her life, her ancestors and how and where she died. Perhaps some day I'll find out more about her in some Viennese theatre archives. I only have those old pictures below my grandmother once gave me. My grandmother also was the one who told me about Blumé's carreer as a well known Viennese play-actress when she even could afford her own coach and coachman because the high fee she got from the theatre - see the galerie.

After a long chat on Skype in September 2011 with a dear cousin Susanna Boehm, who found me through this Website I know a lot more now!
By ther way this cousin Susanna works every xear at the Bregenezer Festspiele.

Now I know not only more about this Olga Blumé but also about Boehm Pál - see below...

Great-grandmother Olga

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Boehm Pál - Who is this?

Boehm Pál (also written: Boehm Paul), 1839/12/28 - 1905/03/229, a talent for drawing just like his father who was an engineer at the Nagyvárad bishop estate, Pál was born in Nagyvárad. He learned to paint from Antal Haan and then painted in Debrecen, Pest, Szolnok/Hungary and Vienna/Austria, later opened a school for painters in Arad/Hungary and became the master of Lászlo Paál. He came to Munich/Germany on a fellowship in 1871. His paintings were altar pieces, portraits, still-lifes and romantic landscapes with figures, mostly of the Hungarian lowland plain, as well as fishermen or gypsys in Transylvania and the Banat.
He painted pictures of what he saw with delicate artistry. Enthusiastic about his paintings became the English, Germans and especially the Americans. He was married to my grandmother's sister and died in Munich.

Delicate Artistry

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