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There are many ways of travelling to Peloponnes/Greece: By air, by boat, by car or bus.
Coming from Austria -
Take a flight to Athens/Greece, from there rent a car, but be sure it has aircondition built in when driving during Mai - September.
Or drive to Italy coast, from there take the ferryboat to Greece.
Or book a combined flight/bus-arrangement in your country, duration at least two weeks - better three weeks - destination Peloponnes.
Don't forget passport, small retopable water bottle, bathing suite, sunhat- and lotion, and your camera !

Start in Athen

View from Akropolis over the theater - Odeion des Herodes Atticus, 160 - 161 n.Chr.

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Theater + Apollotempel

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Kyllini > Kastro Clemoutsi > Zakynthos Island

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Museum - Pediment of the Temple of Zeus - Frontone del tempio di Zeus

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Kaiafa and Elis

ELIS - Ancient Theatre - Antikes Theater - Teatro antico

Elis (old Greek: Eleia, new Greek: Ilia, also Ileia) is situated northwest of the Peloponnes as a Greek prefecture, but belongs to the administration region of West-Peloponnes. The ancient capital was Elis, near the small modern town Gastouni.

The ancient city Elis was supervising the Olympic Games, and it was here where athlets came for training until the competition started at Olympia. Excavations in Elis are done by the Austrian Archäeological Institute and the Arch. Society of Athens. The Ancient Theatre is known as the most striking ruin. There also is a small Museum, in there many charakters are known from the Greek mythology like Pelops and Augias.

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Pylos > Methoni > Koroni

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Kalamata > Stoupa

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Diros Caves

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St. Nicholas Church

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Nauplia > Tolo

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Hydra Island

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Amphitheatre - Strike a match and you can hear it all the way up in the last row !

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Mykene > Korinth

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