Kingdom of Morocco

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Africa in sight

Arriving in Africa by ship (ferry) coming from Spain - Afrika habe ich diesmal mit dem Schiff (Fähre) von Spanien kommend erreicht - L'arrivo in Africa in nave (traghetto) dalla Spagna

Head of state:
King Mohamed VI since July 23, 1999
Head of government: Driss Jettou
Government type: constitutional monarchy
Capital: Rabat
Area - comparable: Slightly larger than California
Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior
Ethnic groups: Arab-Berber 99.1%, other 0.7%, Jewish 0.2%
Religions: Muslim 98.7%, Christian 1.1%, Jewish 0.2%
Languages: Arabic (official), Berber dialects, French often the language of business, government, and diplomacy

His Majesty Mohamed VI. - Seine Majestät - Sua Maestà

Independent since March 2, 1956 (from France)
The internationalized city of Tangier was turned over to the new country that same year. Morocco virtually annexed Western Sahara during the late 1970s, but final resolution on the status of the territory remains unresolved. Gradual political reforms in the 1990s resulted in the establishment of a bicameral legislature in 1997.
His Majesty King Mohamed VI., born September 21, 1963, committed to reforming Morocco's econoly and deepening its democratic structures.

(Fez) was founded about 1200 years ago, and is the oldest imperial city in Morocco. The Medina is utterly amazing to walk through, with streets 8-10 feet wide and buildings 3-4 stories high, all connected!
Thie trip was quite an adventure strolling through the narrow streets in the Medina - enjoy the pictures ...

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updated Dececember 28, 2019