Why "Journeys"?

"Knowledge of another culture should sharpen our ability
to scrutinize more steadily our own."
-Margaret Mead

Carneval is over....

Otoday on n Ash Wednesday, carnival is over, now beginning fthe fasting period,
this ending with Easter Sundayay April 1st

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Travelling gives you the power, to change distance into nearness

Welcome -

The world gets its value from the extreme and its existence from the average.
However extreme and interesting my ancestors may be, I'm just the average.
I'm Elisabeth, a former Stewardess in USA then staitioned in New York, but ow back in Austria again, and - you may call me Liz.

In Journeys I'd like to invite you to fly, sail, ride and track with me and this way sharing experience in travelling, exchanging pictures,
now and then read between my lines in Aphorisms, see my page Charity, or even join my Chaarity Auctions on eBay below.

So Click what ever seems interesting for you - this website is done also in German and Italian.
You might also be of some help detecting information about my interesting ancestors, referring to page 'privat' > That's Me.
By the way - I am not a tour guide !

L i z
August 2000

on Journeys:


06 - Three-Kings-Day - in Italy Buona Befana - a Holiday in Austria and parts of Germany: Dreikönigstag
14 - Carneval Season begins....

14 - HAPPY VALENTIN's DAY and also Carneval is over and fasting begins

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